Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hola Amigos!
As our time in Guayaquil is coming to an end I thought I would post an update. We continue to work in the psychiatric hospital and finally the clouds are beginning to clear. Not so long ago many of us found it extremely difficult to follow and understand the patients. For reasons of language, medication, and psychosis, understanding and following the patients presented as an impossible task. Finally, I find myself less confused and less in need of clarification. Many patients have responded to our group of ¨norteamericanos¨ with enthusiasm and excitement, which has enriched our cross-cultural clinical experience. We have also had the opportunity to visit other health facilities in the city including a community health center, Hansen Disease hospital and a cancer hospital. During each visit we are given a tour by a psychologist and informed about the role of psychology in the specific facility.
We are savoring the last couple weeks and soaking up as much Spanish as possible. So of us continue to travel on the weekends while others stay in town and become familiar with Guayaquil. We have traveled to various cities in Ecuador and observed vast differences among regions. We have noticed drastic changes in climate, language and dress within the country. While we cannot fully understand and comprehend the impact of this trip and experience at the present moment, we continue to process our experience together over cafe and pan de yuca (coffee and yuca bread) almost daily.

Hope all is well back in Boston!

Christina Massari

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